I'm a photographer and director specializing in fashion, advertising, and lifestyle work. I'm currently based in the ski town of Park City Utah, but also travel often to L.A. and S.F. and consider these secondary home bases. I have a big versatile studio here in Utah that's a fun creative space to work in or I can work out of a studio or other location closer to you. And of course I am always available for travel worldwide - the more adventurous the better... :)

In addition to my photo and video work, I was a founding partner in a women's clothing brand  which gives me a unique perspective. I see photography and video from the creative side and the business side which really allows me to empathize with the brands and business owners I work with.   As a fashion business owner I'm always wanting to see an ROI on everything we do (including our visual media) and I know my clients are wanting the same thing. I see first hand what it takes for product photos, lookbooks, fashion films etc. to make an impact on the bottom line and how important it is to strategically integrate those visuals with your marketing and social channels.

On the music side of things... I've been a working musician since I got my first gig as a guitar player in a band at 15 and spent the early part of my career in Los Angeles writing and producing music for commercials and films. Now one of my favorite things is creating music videos for some of the coolest people on the planet. Here are a few: Marie Osmond, Alex Boye' (America's Got Talent), The Anser (FOX's The X-Factor), Charley Jenkins (NBC's Nashville Star), Robyn Cage and many more.

What next... If you like what you see, drop me a line or give me a call anytime. I love working with new people so let's do this thing!

If you're looking for more in depth help with growing and marketing your brand checkout GoBig Creative.

Behind the Scenes

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